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In the end, you're just happy you were there—with your eyes open—and lived to see it. -AB
In the end, you're just happy you were there—with your eyes open—and lived to see it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Salty Cod: The Who and What

Got carried away there a bit...the first post should explain what I'm all about, what the salty cod is, and why anyone would be interested in reading in the first place. Two posts in one day!

I'm Mallory, a 21 year old college student not studying food or culinary techniques, but rather a double major in US history and the French language. I am a chef-wanna be. A "can I bake you something?" person who gets excited about the concept of birthday because it means a cake will be needed. Catering seems like a dream job, but I love history more. So to have both in my life I cater my own parties and create my own recipes in my spare time as a hobby. History writing is my passion in life. Editing as well. Know any French? Throw it at me i might just like you that much more. I am moving to Paris in the fall of 2007 to study history at the Institute Catholique and the Sorbonne for a year. Wish me luck I am going to be in the birthplace of culinary greatness. I hope to log my culinary finds in France in this journal, for, if anything, erm, self preservation. Therefore, I cannot claim any training as a professional in the field of cuisine, if you try my recipes remember they were pioneered in a tool-less dorm kitchen for the most part. I have no services to offer like some of the other food bloggers out there, i.e. food styling, photography services, catering, menu planning---no business yet, just words, words and thoughts that is all. Alors pour moi, je pense que la joie est d'ecrire, cuire, et apprendre. Read on brother. read on.

The Salty Cod: Bakery, Cannery, Cafe, and house of fine teas. Opens at the crack of dawn and stays strong until the wee hours of the morning to give college essay writers a warm place to finish (start?) their term papers. Flash a student ID card and take 15% off.

But don't go looking for it...yet. It doesn't geographically exist. It exists in spirit eh? And on this site, and on my product labels, products that I don't sell, but thats not the point. The point: This bakery will exist, and this site is collecting its character, forming its identity, can i get any more prosaic. Maybe. I'm a writer Fred baby what can I say. Anyways, this site will materialize into the Salty Cod someday, I promise..with blood! Whether it's in ten, twenty, or thirty years, it will be a reality.

What does a salty bottom feeding flavor-less fish have to do with baked goods and coffee? Everything. The Cod fish has become a personal icon for me, I feel safe with it. At first it was a joke born in a Gonzaga US history class when a truly inspiring professor introduced me to the history of the cod fish, and the novel Cod by Mark Kurlansky. Fascinating little bugger really, the cod. The United States owes a lot to the north Atlantic cod...just trust me. So my two loves in life melange in this bakery, history and cooking. And French baking, don't forget that. Even though this bakery won't serve wheat products, as I and the majority of my family are allergic to the mass produced grain, all fare will be made with the other grains of the world, and yes there are other flours out there besides wheat. So look for the Salty Cod someday. I'll serve lobster on Friday nights.

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