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In the end, you're just happy you were there—with your eyes open—and lived to see it. -AB
In the end, you're just happy you were there—with your eyes open—and lived to see it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Birth of a Blog: Begin with June Cherry Jam

I'm sorry that you have to read the word 'blog'--it's such a horrible word. What was wrong with just terming it ejournal or something? What to expect from this food ejournal? What makes it different from all of the hundreds already out there? Nothing really, they are my inspiration and I, as well as them, will be posting recipes and photos of culinary creations along with witty and anecdotal stories to accompany them. Everything edible ever made has a story, has an event, a person, and a reason behind its creation. I love that aspect of food above all others, so prepare yourself for very verbose and wordy analysis of all things culinary in this journal, for I am only an untrained self-proclaimed chef by hobby--this is food through the words of a historiographer. Pleased to meet you.

June Cherry Jam: Why is it June cherry? Besides the fact that it was made in June there is no reason at all, just that it looks better on the label. My sister is a graphic design artist and makes the labels for me and insisted on adding an adjective to the overused monotonous sounding "cherry jam". June was the best I could come up with seeing as it is pure Jam; nothing in it other that fresh little cherries, sugar, pectin, and lemon. Future note: to avoid the adjective scramble make a two-fruit jam, like cherry peach, or blueberry orange.

The Cherry June Jam comes on the heals of my last weeks creation: the Rhubarb lime Jelly. Cheesecloth is my new best friend. The brand of pectin I use is Pomona, it is the best product out there for those of us who wish to develop our own recipes rather than using six cups of sugar to a measly four cups of fruit (referring here to the ever diabetes friendly surjell.) Pomona allows one to control the amount of sugar used and allows for sweetener or honey substitutions. More fruit and less sugar produce the obvious: your jam actually tastes like the fruit it claims to represent. Watch your acid use though, if you use less sweetener, you should probably use less acid, unless you like it super tart. It is summer, so we should all be filling our pantry with jam, in my view, (my jam snobbery) there is never a time in life when one should have to buy crap-jam from the grocery store. Canning doesn't make you a
grandma (I'm 20), or a martha -stewart-house-wife with nothing to do all day, people have canned for centuries! And well maybe the need for preservation of perishable summer fruits and vegetables is not as profound as it used to be prior to the refrigerator, you should do it anyway. It impresses, tastes good, is fun, and you always have gifts on hand. Stay tuned for my experimentation with pickles!

Cherry June Jam: 6 cups crushed cherries, 3/8 cup lemon juice, 4.5 tsps pomona pectin, 6 tsps calcium water.

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