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In the end, you're just happy you were there—with your eyes open—and lived to see it. -AB
In the end, you're just happy you were there—with your eyes open—and lived to see it.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm Full of Myself

updated photography portfolio of--oh, me!The staff here at the Salty Cod is quite diverse. We have many positions filled by people who are all very qualified, in their heads. Our staff positions include writers, bakers, chefs, researchers, editors, photographers, regional marketing agents, international marketing agents, traveling correspondents, and dancers. As the greedy cod-monger that I am, I take part in all jobs listed above. But only part mind you, for the rest we hire only the best, meaning the ones who don't cost us any money. Our marketing agents are superb--bellowing uncles and fellow cuisine and travel bloggers. Our editor is a non-native speaker, and our traveling correspondents are everyone whose ideas i steal. The bakers and chefs who i hire to feed me at restaurants are also only the best, or worse depending on how the review went. But I will not share the writing though, and while yes I will do the dancing, I hope that there is one gracious enough out there to put me out of my misery and help me out on that one.

Alright, I am announcing a new version of our head photographer's (moi) portfolio--after countless horas of anger lost on that headache known as PDF, she has updated to the internet. While the majority of her work is done for the Salty Cod and for selfish reasons, she does in fact work as paid staff in her University's publication department--the newspaper, yearbook, and website. Well, money is money.

Please do me the honor of inflating my ego and visit the new portfolio, c'est tres chouette.

Mallory Elise Photography


Rachel said...

your photos are insanely beautiful!

Christy said...

AArrgghh!!! They are so beautiful I don't wanna leave!! Gottagobackrightnow. Seeya!

Mallory Elise said...

thank you so much!

Tartelette said...

Wow...absolutely gorgeous photographs!! Well done!!
Love your tgv song and to answer your question, the eclair is not a competition but a challenge set out by the online baking group Daring Bakers. We all bake from the same recipe once a month. Quite fun to see everyone's results! Allright, back to your portfolio!

Aran said...

i love it mallory!

NĂºria said...

Ups, here I see the rest of the fans!!!! Yeap, the pictures are awesome :D

Ryan said...

awesome! too bad you didn't visit Egypt, i need some good ones for a lesson, well that is if the school ever hooks up the LCD projector!