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In the end, you're just happy you were there—with your eyes open—and lived to see it. -AB
In the end, you're just happy you were there—with your eyes open—and lived to see it.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eat and Run (Literally) - The Seattle Marathon

this tank runs unleaded on yogurt and oats

Warm. Wet. And gray. The perfect conditions for the perfect Seattle race. My first Seattle race, I only ran the half race of 13.1 miles (21.1 kilometers), but felt no less honored to be among the 1200 other racers snaking through the Emerald City. For most the race began on 5th and Harrison, though for some of us who clearly misdiagnosed the traffic buildup on I-5 south, the race began by jumping out of a car on the 167 exit ramp. Anything to add a bit of extra dramatics non? As long as you get to the start when the horn is blown, all is bueno.

Once at the start line, the promenade hit straight all the way down 5th avenue, dipping up and down along the shops and early morning spectators for the 7:30 start. Quest Field and Safeco appear in the mist on the right as we trodded over the I-90 Express lanes toward the Mt. Baker tunnel. Lake Washington to the right, through the trees and over the river to grandmother's house we go. The mist is thick and warm, a layer of condensation or a layer of perspiration? None could be the wiser. Water stations are not necessary--all the water needed is inhaled alongside my oxygen. Finally there appears Lake Union, now we are herded over I-5 returning humbly downtown. Two miles to go until the cowbell-ringing lined path ushering us into memorial stadium. A little sun too, why how nice of the heavens for that. Now get me a bag of bloody ice before my decrepit knee decides to completely stop working.

There were no Thanksgiving recipes from the Salty Cod? Sorry my dear friends--my hand partook not one note in the thanksgiving feast(s). But perhaps a pumpkin yogurt for sunday morning road race fuel can makeup for my shortcomings. Mix two parts yogurt with one part pumpkin goo and spices. Not much of a recipe. But simple in running is always the best. The Seattle half was my first race after the French (ok fine just myself) destroyed my knee last December. Perhaps a few more halfs and then he'll be ready for the whole. But I know that you who are my fellow runners understand.

Athletes don't eat dairy before a competition you say. But i do. No carb-overload pasta stuff-athon the night before a big race for me. No, for the wheat free runner that game changes. To what carbohydrate you ask? To rice. Rice the night before, yogurt and oats the hour before. Does it work? Why yes yes it does. Every morning at 5:30 yogurt and oats lead the way for workouts. Today-well races are special. Throw in a power bar, and perhaps in honor of the thanksgiving weekend, a special yogurt is at hand. Pumpkin pie yogurt with a roasted pumkin seeds. Now don't those make the GU glucose gels look appetizing...mmm. But no I jest--those syrupy translucents are thigh savers at mile 10.

One is the loneliest number, they say. Runners are solo jocks, out there alone, in pain alone, in victory alone. And I used to agree. But running is not done alone. The myriad voices in the ear (maybe that's just the ipod. dunno.) the hundreds alongside whose hearts pound rhythmically too, the family at the finish line, the friend who gets you there and extinguishes your anxiety, your friends who will read this (so you better have a story for them), and the irreplaceable weight of the people who fill your thoughts as the bouncing hours and minutes tick by in rhythm as each foot falls, one in front of the other. The runner has that person(s) upon whom is dumped all the woes and fears of ankles and knees, shoes and burns, sore muscles, seeming pointless goals reported daily. Mile counts. Hour counts. Today was this, tomorrow we do that. Does anyone other than the runner care--no. But they will never tell you so. And for that they are irreplaceable. Running is impossible without these members. And so one is not always the loneliest number, one can oftentimes be awfully crowded.

Get up and run! Next race we do side by side.

à bientôt


Anonymous said...

bien fait fille...


Mallory Elise said...

merci bien papa. :)

Christy said...

Hey!! are a runner huh...well I'm not much of one. In fact, I hate running. It's my least favourite sport of all. I hate the feeling. Oh, and I don't sweat, and don't like the feeling when my body attempts to sweat. So that eliminates everything except swimming. But your breakfast sure got me drooling...gee I wish I had bought that tub of yogurt at Safeway just now. Oh, plus now I am the proud owner of a 29oz. can of Libby's pumpkin goo!! The only one left in the store, can you believe my luck??

At least we have one thing in common:we eat rice as a source of carbohydrate. Now I won't have to fret on what to feed you when you finally decide to come down to Melbourne.

Good job on the race, Mallory!! That black and white photo looks sooo cool!!

Núria said...

Bravo for you Mallory! I bet you would have been the first if your breakfast would have been 200 grs of Iberian Acorn ham with some "pa amb tomàquet" ;D

the cute sister said...

that's a cute picture of you!

ps.if you keep running your knee cap is going to fall off.

Mallory Elise said...

thanks guys. let's say jumping in a car for 5 hours right. after = not so bueno. ahhhh.

cute sister if it falls of, well they make glue and scotch tape now don't they.

Ryan said...

Being a Ratburn has made me fall way behind in my reading!
Congratulations! I bet between puppet shows, lesson planning, and Jack's Joke shop, Ratburn is a runner too, hehe.
It's completely random, but I like the pattern of the dishes pictured in this blog.

Rachel said...

Congratulations! I wouldn't have made it through a quarter of the race!

Tartelette said...

As a fellow runner, I have to say bravo! I love running in the rain and the cold...I tend to go faster, aahaha!!
That pic of you is gorgeous!

Samantha said...

I don't carbo load before races either, my tummy doesn't like it. Your yogurt looks MUCH better!

Congrats on your race!

redmenace said...

I ran that a couple of years ago and I know how hard those hills are. Congrats! The yogurt looks fantastic!

Patti said...

The yogurt looks beautiful! Also, congrats on your run! I've done a few "halfs", myself, and they are a fun distance to race at. :)

Amy said...

Hi - I'm a random blog reader, and avid cook and runner. Just found your blog, and can't wait to try some of your recipes. Congrats on Seattle!

Journey to a Centum said...

Just a little late getting congratulations to you for your Seattle finish but better late than never!

Great work!

Young Professional said...

Congrats! But why cut the 'one' theme so short? The contrast between fierce independence and nostalgia for others...That's fine blogging say I.