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In the end, you're just happy you were there—with your eyes open—and lived to see it. -AB
In the end, you're just happy you were there—with your eyes open—and lived to see it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Cookie. For the Absence.

they call it archive
I've not died. However there are thunder storms, flash floods, and sudden sun breaks lighting up the mud puddles. I'm measuring my life with coffee spoons at the moment. but only for the moment. Therefore i'm doing something that many other bloggers pull off quite nicely--the archive photo of laziness. So i pick the poulet cookie captioned the cookie laid an egg because for some reason it pulls the most feedback from my photography portfolio. go figure. well, it's one of my favorites anyways.

I shall return from Tibet in a few short days. Until then adieu, and we'll eat cake and pretentiously contemplate the meaning of life soon.

a bientot

PS. The winner of the Salty Sweet competition (as it will ALWAYS BE) is the SAME winner as drawn and posted over at 5 Types of Sugar. The point is that the winner reaps the same but different award from both Seattle and Melbourne. And the winner was Judy.


Helene said...

Come back soon. Cute picture.

NĂºria said...

Now that I'm more or less back to "normal" blogging I miss your posts and pictures guapa!

Getting pictures organized is something I should do too... Maybe during the month of August with a mojito by the pool ;D

Manuela © said...


Baby, you're far from home.

I didn't forget about your request, but I've been pretty busy... as soon as I can I'll send you more azulejos :-)

Mallory Elise said...

oh. hehe. im not actually in tibet. it's a mallory-ism :)

dessert girl said...

So cute! Good choice! I hope things get better soon!

Loydene said...

Were you going to draw regarding the coffee blog entries?

Colloquial Cook said...

Quel mignon poulet! Je ne fais que des mignons dinosaures et canards, mais point de poulet. C'est trop beau.